Thursday 21 Aug 07:30

Lean Tech Startup for non tech entrepreneurs

Breakfast Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will begin at 07.30 with breakfast and mingle.

The talk will begin at 08.00

The talk will go over, on a high level, some of the pros and cons of using different programming languages and aims to help entrepreneurs with limited knowledge on the topic determine which language would be most applicable to their project (whether they're learning it themselves or hiring a developer). it will also cover a touch on some aspects of lean methodology as they pertain to UI/UX planning.

About the Speaker

James Gray represents 3 Day Startup, an organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship around the world- particularly amongst students. Over the past several years over 70 companies have emerged from their hallmark program and alumni have raised nearly $50 million in funding. James currently works for a startup called SpareFoot in Austin, Texas.

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