Thursday 13 Nov 17:30

Beauty in Code



LEVEL: Intermediate

Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group

We will begin with meet, greet and something lighter to eat at 17.30

Presentation starts at 18.00


The main challenge of software design is to control complexity. Less complexity means that our programs are easier to understand, reason about and evolve. This presentation shows how we can use beauty as a mental tool to reduce complexity.

We'll start with psychological theories of beauty and expand them to also cover code. You'll see how these concept relate to the way your brain works - beautiful code is cognitive economy. Finally we'll take it a step further and apply these ideas in novel analyses of software architectures. The techniques will help you detect structural decay and serve as a refactoring guide towards better designs. As a bonus you'll learn about ideas from different fields of psychology, all of them related to how you think and code.

About Adam Tornhill

Adam combines degrees in engineering and psychology to get a different perspective on the cognitive and social challenges of software. In his day job as a software consultant Adam works as an architect and programmer. In that role he often codes in C#, Java and Python. In his spare time he's more likely to hack Clojure or Erlang.

Adam has published an open-source library for building distributed Erlang nodes in C++. He's the author of the popular Lisp for the Web tutorial, has self-published a book on Patterns in C and is currently writing on Code as a Crime Scene for the Pragmatic Programmers. Other interests include modern history, music and martial arts.

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