Wednesday 08 Oct 17:30

Dealing with IT security threats in development

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will begin at 17.30 with meet, greet, pizza and beer.

Presentation starts at 18.00


Whether you're developing for mobile devices or the web, security is something that's becoming more and more important. Dealing with IT security threats is complex, and we need to see security as any integral part of a development project, like testing etc.

Øredev and TrueSec are arranging a Security Day for developers the 4th of November - the first day of the Øredev Conference 2014. In this session at Foo Café, you'll get a unique sneak peek opportunity on what's about to be presented during the Security Day.

TrueSec security specialists work with secure development, penetration tests and security reviews on a daily basis. Learn from the experts how security flaws in platforms or apps are exploited, how hybrid apps are hacked, why sandboxing is sometimes bad, why SSL is sometimes completely broken etc - and finally some things that you as a developer can do to improve the security of your system.

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