Thursday 28 Feb 17:30

Distributed teams - a pragmatic way

AW seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will start this evening with mingle, pizza and beer.

Is there a sure-fire methodology that will make distributed teams work? Possibly.

Can a dogma save your deadline and make your wife and kids happy? Perhaps.

Or is it time to be pragmatic and realize that it all starts with people and ends with people - with some coding in the middle? In this session we'll cover a mosaic of tips and techniques, from timezones to cultural gaps, that work across the world. This just might be the toolbox you need.

Oh, and by the way - you will know the secret behind all those methodologies promising to solve the distributed enigma - if you promise not to tell.


Björn Granvik

Director of Engineering, Neo Technology

Björn Granvik has more than two decades of experience - all the way from developer to manager and back again. Despite being born in Pascal, fostered in C/C++ and reborn in Java, he believes that "people make all the difference".

Prior to joining Neo Technology Björn was the CTO of Jayway for some 10 years and played a significant role in building the company from scratch into a 150 person expert consultancy. At the same time he helped in creating Øredev - an international developer's conference with more than a thousand attendees. He has worked with everything from gaming to enterprise systems and has a passion for sharing knowledge.

Björn is a recurring speaker and expert panel facilitator usually around subjects like programming and agile methodologies. He can be found speaking in everything from user groups such as Javaforum Sweden to conferences like JAOO, Øredev, JavaOne and Agile2009. He holds a MSc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Lund Institute of Technology at Lund University, Sweden.

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