Tuesday 14 Oct 17:30

Node.js and micro services

Node Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

This event we'll looking into how Node is perfect for building small parts that work together to deliver a great application.

Camilo Tapia, tech lead at 24hr, will talk about creating independent, auto-discoverable micro services and bring magic to your applications.


Our node.js solutions are getting bigger and more complex by the day, so it might be a good idea to break them down into smaller parts.

Depending on your project, smaller parts might help you reduce risks, bottlenecks, and let you combine your solutions in much smarter way.

In this talk we'll investigate some of the basics building blocks of a micro service. We'll talk about how they could find each other with minimum configuration and how they should communicate. Last, but definitely not least, well see examples of how we can go from reusable code to truly reusable solutions.


If you're interested in sharing your own experiences or tips and tricks you are more then welcome to let us know through our [Facebook group].

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