Wednesday 03 Dec 17:30

Hybrid mobile app development in reality

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will begin with meet, greet and something lighter to eat

Presentation starts 18.00

How can you simplify your mobile application development by using cross-platform solutions?

There are several companies who offer frameworks which might solve the problem. The question is how do you choose the right framework?

Verisure have for many years offered platform specific applications for both Iphone and Android to control the smart home. A year ago an application for Windows Phone was also released. During the development of the Windows application the company investigated the possibility for one common solution instead of three distinct ones with diverse code basis. The solution evolved was a customized hybrid application with both platform specific and shared web code.

The new hybrid application was recently released for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Adrian and John from Verisure will share their experiences from this journey by guiding you through:

- What is an hybrid application?

- What pros and cons were discovered?

- How was the solution developed?

- What has happened after it was released?


Adrian Nilsson - Software developer

John Huynh - Software tester


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