Wednesday 05 Nov 17:30

Internet of Things Magic Show and more



LEVEL: Intermediate

An evening with interesting Java talks. We begin with meet, greet, pizza and beer. First presentation starts 18.00.


First presentation

Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is more than one way to build a Java backend for a web application. Java EE (formerly marketed as J2EE) and Spring are the most common and classical ones, while Dropwizard, despite being a relative newcomer with v0.1.0 being release in December 2011, has reached status “Adopt” on Thoughtworks’ Technology Radar.

This presentation provides a comparison of implementations of a small application in those 3 frameworks. We will start with a code walkthrough followed by various comparisons like line counts and deployment options.


Pavel Rozenblioum is a computational linguist who became a software developer. For the past 7 years Pavel has been working with Java EE at Tetra Pak.

Second presentation

What do magicians and programmers have in common? They are good at juggling, have very nimble fingertips, often make things vanish, and have lovely assistants! Ok, so maybe not all of those describe your average hacker (unless your pair programmer partner happens to be Penny), but we are going to try to put on the most spectacular magic show that has ever been seen on the stage at a tech conference! [geeks only]

As proper geeks, we are going to make heavy use of embedded wearable and internet connected devices to make up for our lack of dexterity and supernatural powers. Also, all tricks will be revealed with the designs available to reproduce in the spirit of open source and creative commons. Come join us to see for yourself what real [hacker] magic looks like!


Stephen Chin is a Java Ambassador at Oracle specializing in embedded and UI technology. He has been featured at Java conferences around the world including Devoxx, JFokus, OSCON, JFall, GeeCON, JustJava, and JavaOne, where he thrice received a Rock Star Award. Stephen can be followed on twitter @steveonjava, reached via his blog:, and his hacking adventures can be seen on

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