Thursday 20 Nov 17:30

Share your vision - Change the world

Meet Malmö Startups


LEVEL: Intermediate

Hemlis and Malmö Startups invite you to an evening with Hemlis messenger.

Get to know the startup, what got them started, who they are and what they do.

[Meet Malmö Startup] is a series of informal events organised by Malmö Startups where we visit startups in Malmö and surroundings to get to know them better. The startups will share their visions, talk about their products or services and what they want to change in the world.

We'll get to know the founders and the teams behind it; their roles, how they work and how the community can help them move forward.

== Program ==

= Introduction of Hemlis =

- Get to know the product, the founders and the team

- The past, present and the future

- Challenges - how can we help them succeed?

- Q & A

- Get beta access

= Snacks & drinks =


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