Tuesday 02 Dec 17:30

Good artists copy; Great artists replicate

Node Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

Let's talk about replication. Database replication is probably one of the most misunderstood things in computer science. I've been in various arguments with developers about how to replicate a database in a distributed system. Some argue that mongodb's way is the best. Some argue postgres. Some prefer emailing zips of database dumps around the office.

In general, replication is a *really hard* problem. However, it is actually pretty simple if you are willing to accept some trade-offs.

This talk will be about investigating how we can make replication simpler by building specialized databases that does fewer things. Using a bunch of small npm modules we'll build a database that supports multi master replication in a couple of 100 lines of code.

Mathias was early in when it came to NodeJs and was using it as early as version 0.1.x. He is also a co-host of Copehagen Node Hackaton, the author of more than 200 modules on npm and was recently a guest on the podcast NodeUp.

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