Thursday 15 Jan 17:30

UX - Don't make them think!

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

What is the key to making a website valuable for users? What fundamentals do we need to understand?

This event covers three important foundations for the successful collecting and sharing of knowledge on a website so people can take their own decisions.

First - Structure your data in a natural way

Data on its own is pointless. What matters is the information and intelligence that is derived from it. How easy it is to derive such understandings from data depends on how the data is structured.

When learning new things, we form an understanding of it by relating it to things we already know. Structuring your data by how things are connected will give you a better understanding of your information, and help you create a better experience for your users.

Tobias Lindaaker is a software engineer and technical mentor at Neo Technology. Tobias has several years of experience with structuring, modelling and storing data, as well as retrieving data, and making sense of it.

Second - The power of Words

Before it was the pen, now it’s the keyboard, that’s mightier than the sword. Paul Steele will explain how using the right words at the right time will encourage people to read your instructions, buy from your website and answer your call to action. Paul has been working as a copywriter for many years, helping companies such as Sony Mobile, Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval, Assa Abloy and Sandvik Mining tell their customers how good their products and services really are.

Third - A happier user

How are we supposed to create digital services that add value and solve real-world problems? Employing some pragmatic, jargon-less reasoning helps to you to see the wood for the trees and helps to achieve a better end result. Henno Gous shares some thoughts about simple methods that save time, frustration and money and reveals questions that he believes are valuable to ask at the outset of a digital project.

Henno is a project manager at Odd Hill in Malmö. He is originally from South Africa and has a background in industrial engineering, innovation management and research.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion between speakers and attendees.

Region Skåne


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