Tuesday 10 Feb 17:30

Gamification: experiencing brain learning games

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

– to enhance learning and motivation, getting the customer hooked and the brain involved.

What is it that immediately attracts users and customers to a product, a website or a campaign?

And what makes them want to come back, learn more, and stay as customers? It is all about what happens in the

Brain – a minds game.

Your brain automatically knows what it likes and quickly gets bored if it doesn’t get what it wants.

If you want to attract users /customers, you will need to intuitively know what basic principles the customers brains are following, or, you will need to learn about them and adapt your product or presentation accordingly.

Associate professor and neuroscientist Magnus Sjögren from Edubrain AB demonstrates some of the principles that the brain follows, how it involves motivation and relationship building, and how gamification serves to reinforce these. Magnus presents to you some of the keys you need to build long-term relationships through enhanced learning, participation and improve retention, influencing your customers.

Region Skåne


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