Thursday 12 Feb 17:30

Code Review



LEVEL: Intermediate

Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group

Code review is one of the most important tools in a software craftsman's arsenal. Today we will be presenting 2 short talks about code review.

Presentation 1

What happens when code review is introduced in a team that didn't use it before?

In this talk Pavel will talk about his experience introducing code review in his team and discuss various challenges

Speaker 1

Pavel Rozenblioum is a Senior Java Developer at Jayway. Before that he spent 7 years as a Java EE developer at Tetra Pak.

Presentation 2

Hierarchical community software development: what would it be without a code review?

This presentation will cover the biggest and the most established hierarchical software development community, that is, the Linux Kernel community and describe how code management is organized there in the hierarchical order. The stress will be made on the importance of code reviews for such organization.

Speaker 2

Vitaly Wool is a Senior Embedded Specialist at Softprise Consulting OÜ, with the primary assignment as lead power optimization engineer at Sony Mobile

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