Wednesday 04 Feb 17:30

Winning elections with Python and Django

Skåne Python UG


LEVEL: Intermediate

Welcome to the second instalment of Skåne Python User Group. Our first meeting was jam packed, and we're going to continue our war stories so we can get to know each other a little bit better. We'll also add a new agenda item - standard module of the day.

Besides presentations there will of course be plenty of time to mingle and meet other Python developers.

Winning elections with Python and Django

In september the Malmö branch of political party Vänsterpartiet got it's highest results ever in the local elections, due in part to an in-house tool for organizing large-scale activism. Richard Olsson will tell us about the experiences of using Python and the Django framework in an iterative process to build a tool for political change.

Richard Olsson

Richard is a freelance developer and "hacktivist" who in 2013 and 2014 took one year of from client work to focus on poltiics and use his powers for good.

Module of the day: Packaging with setuptools

Ok, this might or might not count as a standard module depending on what version of Python you're running, but since Python 3.4 packaging is finally included out of the box.

I'll run through a quick demo of

- creating and publishing a python package

- adding plugins and dependencies

- adding custom commands for things like running tests and checking code style

- (if time) add an extension module and compile it as part of building the package

Joakim Karlsson, Lundalogik

Joakim has tried most roles in software development. After a long time working as a consultant focusing on helping teams with agile methodologies, he's now back coding full time, mainly in Python. He's now part of the LIME Pro team at Lundalogik, where he works on developing the next generation of CRM systems.

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