Monday 16 Mar 17:30

Practical TDD - mechanics and intent

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

Productivity decreases when code rots. Code rots because we are afraid to clean it. By practicing TDD you can gain executable documentation, loosely coupled components and a safety net that keeps you from being afraid. This session, led by TDD trainer Sebastian Larsson, will go through the inner mechanics of TDD. Practical examples of how to develop using TDD will be demonstrated along with resources for learning more about TDD. Participants will pair up and take part in practical exercises, so it is encouraged but not required to bring a laptop. The session is appropriate for both new and experienced developers in TDD.


Sebastian Larsson is an aspiring software craftsman who works as a consultant for Cybercom Karlskrona. He spends his workdays at Försäkringskassan IT as a java developer, working on the self service portal. A significant portion of his non-working days are spent practicing practical coding skills like TDD, refactoring and design principles. Sebastian is a certified trainer for ISQi's Certified Agile TDD course and a strong believer in the Software Craftsmanship movement.


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