Tuesday 10 Mar 17:30

Better tool - better code

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

How do you develop business applications for web?

Johan Broddfelt is an experienced php-developer seriously considering using DataFlex as the sole tool for building web applications.

Why? Because the DataFlex Studio has a really good framework for developing business applications for web.

But it goes beyond that: The DataFlex Studio represents a complete paradigm shift, providing you with the means and the power for web developing even if you come from a database background and are not an experienced web developer yourself.

In other words: The architecture of developing web applications with DataFlex Studio ensures that you can concentrate on developing solid applications without having to get tangled up in boring scripting, code smells and bit counting. All you have to do is code. Simply code. It’s clean, simple and powerful. It’s DataFlex. The look and feel is just like desktop applications and it is pure web!

But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself: Come and join Johan in a discussion where he compares DataFlex with PHP and get a short introduction as to how to deal with DataFlex.

Feel free to bring your own favorite developing tool(s)! We would love to have some other developing languages and tools present in order to get a fair and balanced tool comparison.

If you want to develop your own application or if you are considering which platform to choose for your next project be sure to join this presentation.


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