Monday 23 Mar 15:00

Microsoft Azure Camp for Startups



LEVEL: Intermediate

Building applications optimized for public cloud platforms are a little different compared to before.

We review some common technical challenges for applications and recurring patterns of challenges we see within modern construction.

During the session you will get information about which services in Microsoft Azure can simply and powerfully take care of these challenges and turn your application into a fast, agile and powerful construction with shorter delivery times and secure, stable production environments.

This camp is meant to be interactive so prepare your questions. The maximum number of participants will be 30


Dag König, Microsoft, is a developer that have been writing code since 1986. Since 2006 do Dag work for Microsoft Sweden as a Technical Evangelist. Dag still like to learn new stuff, and feel that he still is a beginner in many ways. Today he work mainly with Microsoft Azure and Open Source.

Magnus Mårtensson runs Martensson Consulting as an expert and advisor and aids his clients in fulfilling their dreams in the Cloud. From Microsoft Magnus recently got the title Regional Director (RD) to add to Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Insider and Advisor for the Azure Platform. He is an international speaker and an organizer of community conferences such as CloudBurst and GlobalAzure. His online alias: @noopman.

We focus on developers in Startups, so you should have tested Azure.

Here is a trial

You can also apply to join BizSpark and get Azure for one month free (worth $750 free)


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