Wednesday 18 Mar 17:30

Theme: SECURITY in IoT

Internet of Things Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

Second Meetup for IoT Malmö and Skåne region! Lots of potential and interesting developments here in Skåne in the areas of Cloud, Mobile and the Internet of Things. Our first meet and greet will include presentations, discussions and opportunities to mingle with the passionate people who will design, implement and use our future connected devices

What are the security aspects of implementing a IoT solution? Where and by who will all of these new systems be used, and for what purposes, other than the "first" use case?

The recent news of hacks of SIM-card manufacturer Gemalto and other base level firmware has led to an interesting discussion and awareness online of how secure our new devices are and needs to be going forward.

As Johan Strömhage, CEO of Purple Scout, said at the first meetup; there will probably be one or two major crashes regarding IoT before we get things right. IoT Security will definitely be one of those things.

We hope to get a good discussion going around the ethical/human side of IoT Security, as well as implementations (and lessons learned) from the industry.


17:30 Doors open, mingle, grab some drinks and snacks

18:00 First speaker – Henrik Cosmo, Project Leader for the Minimum Viable Device Project at Mobile Heights, Lund.

Intro pitch and registration advice to Mobile Heights IoT hackathon on 10-12th April! The MVD will be a hardware+software gateway for sensors to send and receive data from the Cloud (or other network). What new and innovative things can students, professionals, hobbyists, tinkers and hackers create over a hackathon weekend?

18:30 Break and drinks

18:45 Second speaker – Laura Kivimägi, previously working with Business Analytics & Optimization at IBM, currently studying computer informatics technology at Lund University.

A regular citizen's view of IoT security aspects and how it relates to cross-functional knowledge of technology and other areas not ordinarily associated with IoT. Laura's involvement on a professional and personal level will give food for thoughts about what we need to consider when we look at the "abusive" side of IoT.

19:15+ Presentations end. Networking, discussions, mingling.


• Bring your ideas for upcoming meetup discussion theme

• Bring business cards OR be very cutting edge and bring a QR-code for LinkedIn or contact details.

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