Wednesday 08 Apr 17:30

Lifelogging for insights

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

Sony recently launched LifeLog API for application developers. Applications can now access users’ lifestyle, fitness and health data, collected through smartphone sensors and connected SmartWear devices. In this talk we will show how to derive insights from individual user’s LifeLog data using machine learning. Especially, we will look at how to derive personal points of interests from location traces to make your application contextual. Scaling machine learning to millions of users, requires a different approach. We will take a look at how we at the Sony Lifelog team use Spark to scale analytics to millions of users, and how we use it to create new features for Lifelog users, through some live coding.


Håkan Jonsson started out in research in genetic programming for financial forecasting and evolutionary computation, but has since then been developing telco and mobile applications and software for 15 years as programmer, product manager, CTO in startups as well as established companies. For the past 7 years he has returned to research, at Sony Mobile Communications and Lund University, with context awareness, mobile sensing and social computing as his subjects.


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