Wednesday 22 Apr 18:00

IoT Conf 2015 Warmup

Internet of Things Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

Third Meetup for IoT Malmö and Skåne region! Lots of potential and interesting developments here in Skåne in the areas of Cloud, Mobile and the Internet of Things. This meet-up will consist of meet and greet including presentations, discussions and opportunities to mingle with the passionate people who will design, implement and use our future connected devices.

In prep for the big IoT conf in Lund on April 23rd

18:00 Doors open, mingle, grab some drinks

18:30 Speaker 1

Tommy Sundström, Owner at Helt Enkelt.

As a warm-up for the IoT Conf in Lund, the inaugural speaker at IoT Sweden will make a revisit to the discussion of what is an IoT Device? How should users and implementers categorise things as "things" or not?

19:00 Break with drinks and something to eat

19:30 Speaker 2

Brandon Jones, Cloud and Mobile Platforms Technical Executive, IBM.

Where is the IoT adoption going for companies and enterprises looking for a way to bring value out of all the data being generated by sensors, and what can enable them to act on the insights?

Speaker 2.5 (One of Us; Show and Tell):

Jörgen Buder and friends from Purple Scout were one of the attendee-teams at Nordic IoT Hackathon 2015. During the hackathon they made a really cool concept solution for the Smarter Home theme using a doll house(!) for visualisation and various smartphone/smart devices to connect the house in an "IoT way". A demo, some presentation and Q&A.


• Bring your ideas for upcoming meetup discussion theme

• Bring business cards

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