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Because one learns more from failure than success

FuckUp Day


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FuckUp Nights

What is the FuckUp Day (FUD)?

The FuckUp Day is a one-day event for entrepreneurs, project leaders, students or whatever person who is interested on starting a project/business or learning from failure.

In essence, the FuckUp Day is all about giving you the best chance to succeed by learning from others failures and experiences.

The FuckUp Day: “Because one learns more from failure than success”

Demystifying failure

The reality is that the most successful companies in the world went through a really painful learning process, in other words, they Fucked Up a lot!

We need to change the way we perceived “failure” and the FUD is a unique opportunity to talk about it, laugh at it, and the most important: learn from it.

By learning from others mistakes

Through seminars and workshops, you will receive a “tool box” of insights to apply at work.

We cannot promise that you will not Fuck Up but an informed decision is a very good start point to avoid failure. This is exactly what the FuckUp Day is about.


08:45 Register

09:15 Welcome from the FuckUp Team

09:25 Tina Rudin Kaikkonen

Tina comes from Olofström Blekinge and studied Media and Communication at Lund University.

She has worked at: TAT, Uppstart Malmö and Tillväxt Malmö.

Today she is project manager of Good Malmö - yes the only one working with Good Malmö. 

Besides, Tina is board member of FC Rosengård, MIM, THINK and Mångkulturella Sverige Nätverket

10.00 Thor De Angelo

Thor Angelo, founded LanguageWire back in year 2000, 3 guys and a ppt file, build it to 150M. DKK in 12 years. Exit in Dec2012. Since 2013, +20 projects under the hood, all in on startup and business angel. Investing, helping, selling, business design, team setup, developing.. whatever it takes to get new ideas/companies on track to success. Soon to close in on his next all-in company – to reach 150 M.DKK again but this time much quicker.

10:50 Break

11:00 Björn Flintberg

Senior management advisor focusing on the link between tech and business. Specialist in Public Sector-related organizational development and start-up coaching. Professional board member and senior advisor.

Björn is author of Kraschen, a book about crisis, bankruptcy and the other side of entrepreneurship.

12:00 LUNCH

12:45 Liselot Lading, CEO Resultify

Prize-winning for her leadership and on the way to world domination. Liselott is the computer scientist that learned all about business and combined the two in Resultify. But some people learn hard and some lessons are learned the hard way.

13:45 Break

14:00 Per Cromwell, CEO Wheely´s Café

Per is a Swedish ad man, activist and inventor. He is the founder of the creative agency Studio Total. Today he is managing the Swedish-Finnish company Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery. He have figured in international media and are, among others, known for creating the experimental lab MiCasa, the dog to human translator No more Woof as well as creating the world's biggest iPhone speakers - WOS (wall of sound) 1.0 and 2.0 Per Cromwell is one of the persons behind the Teddybear stunt in Belarus during the summer of 2012 for which he won a Gold Epica for world's best PR.

14:50 Break

15:00 Robert Lindh, CEO Pixelant

Robert Lindh is an IT multi-entrepreneur. Robert is founder and CEO of Pixelant a web design agency in Malmö that specializes in web publishing and digital information. Besides, he is co-founder of Resultify the digital marketing agency winner of the Svenska Designpriset in 2014.

15:50 Break

16:00 FuckUp Night with:

Hampus Jacobsson, CEO Brisk

Hampus is CEO at Brisk. Prior to founding Brisk Hampus co-founded and led business development for TAT The Astonishing Tribe, which was acquired by Blackberry in 2010 for $150m. Hampus has a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Lund University and is a prolific angel investor.

Emma Kronqvist, Head of Programme SVT

Emma is the Head of Programme department at SVT in Malmö. She has developed and produced TV and digital projects for more than 15 years. Before joining SVT she worked as Creative director at production companies and she also run her own business for many years. She is a graduate from the Dramatic Institute of film in Stockholm. Today Emma is in charge of the modern TV-house at The western harbour in Malmö where over 70 TV-programmes are made every year. She has been responsible for not less than three TV-shows that has won the Kristallen (The Crystal), the official Swedish television award. Sveriges Television (SVT) is the Swedish public service television company with the widest range of programming of all TV companies iN Sweden.


Attendees that has already paid will get their money back, shortly

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