Tuesday 28 Apr 17:15

3D Gestural Interaction in Future Smart Environments



LEVEL: Intermediate


The rapid development and wide adoption of smart devices in recent years have been mainly driven by the introduction of novel interaction and visualization technologies.

Although touchscreens have significantly enhanced the human device interaction, clearly for next generation of smart devices, users will demand more natural interactions performed by the bare hands, in the free space, around the smart device. Therefore, next generation of smart devices such as augmented reality glasses will require a gesture-based interface to facilitate the bare hands for manipulating the digital content intuitively.

In this talk, new concepts, challenges, enabling technologies and potential applications for 3D gestural interaction will be discussed.


Dr. Shahrouz Yousefi is currently a Senior Lecturer at the department of Media Technology, Linnaeus University. He received his PhD degree in Media Technology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Currently his main research focus is on designing technical solutions for 3D gesture-based interaction in future mobile devices and smart environments. He aims to introduce emerging technologies that enable humans to interact in digital space with real-life intuitiveness.

Shahrouz has won two innovation competitions in Sweden and holds international patents on his innovative solutions in interaction technology.

His research interests include, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Mobile Multimedia Processing, and Human Computer Interaction.

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