Tuesday 12 May 17:30

Can we do it without requirements?



LEVEL: Intermediate


With the introduction of agile methodologies, requirements engineering has gone through several changes. For example, rather than focusing on rigorous requirements specifications, agile methodologies advocate a more minimalistic approach where documentation, to an extent, is replaced by face-to-face communication. This trend is found at Axis who utilizes a lightweight requirements approach where requirements documentation is kept at a minimum. This seminar will bring the details of Axis’ requirements process and discuss the important success factors of their approach. Moreover, the benefits and the challenges of the approach are explored, its scalability is examined and the viability of implementing a requirements database in the company's context is considered.

Requirements knowledge is shared in other ways than documentation, e.g. through direct communication between colleagues. This approach is, for example, facilitated by the company’s culture and organization and yields many benefits and challenges. Currently, scalability does not seem to be a major challenge.


Kris Wnuk is a researcher and consultant in requirements engineering, software business and software product management. He works at BTH as an assistant professor and at MAPCI in Lund as a researcher (in the SCALARE project). Apart from that, Kris is a senior consultant for Qtema in Stockholm working with companies in bank and finance sectors on improving their requirements processes. Kris also works actively on establishing a community around Open Innovation in Software Engineering and serves as a board member for the International Software Product Management Association.

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