Wednesday 06 May 17:30

you’re only patching the mission critical system

Don’t panic


LEVEL: Intermediate

Moving fast in a slow world. The thing that moves most quickly in the traditional telephone operator business is price, and that’s down. The architecture is constrained by technical standards and legacy systems that we need to interoperate with. At the other end of the spectrum telecom technologies evolve, very fast, how do you make sure that you keep up with both?

Agile How can you do agile development with fast feedback cycles and short time to market when delivering a truly mission critical service?

Continuous Delivery How do you dare do rolling upgrades of real time voice processing applications in the middle of the day using commodity hardware?

Monitoring Production Can you replace tedious up front testing with feature flags and canary analysis in the production environment?

Big Data How do you make sense of the 70GB of log data generated from hundred of servers and millions of calls every day?

Join us as we explore our journey so far. The problems we encountered and how we solved them. But perhaps more importantly, which challenges lay ahead and what skills and technologies will be needed?


Filip Olsson is one of the founders of Telavox. He has worked with the development and operation of the Telavox platform for the past 12 years. He spends most of his time coding, troubleshooting and monitoring the fundamental parts of our systems. The battle between refactoring and patching is always raging in his head. He reads too much log to be considered healthy.


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