Thursday 04 Apr 07:30

TDD meets legacy code!

Breakfast seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will start with breakfast between 07.30-08.00 the presentation continues until 09.00 and for attendees that would like to know more we will have Q&A from 09.00 onwards.

When reality takes a bat and hit you in the face.

Your new manager has heard about TDD and his eyes went ”caching”, he wants it and you are the enabler. You have been sent to a course and have gotten geared up to your teeth with unit testing and mocking frameworks. All systems are go! Then you look at your system, your very old system. You see the many miles of legacy code, the quick fixes, the sins, the yearly rings of programming paradigm shifts. And your heart sinks. How in the world can you make this mess the utopia of well-behaved unit tested code that your manager thinks lies just beyond the next hill?

This seminar addresses the problem every coder face, except the extremely lucky ones, how to deal with legacy code. In the seminar we will explore different strategies to conquer the smelling pile of old code and to come out on top. We will go into the overall strategies, the possible tactics and the operational hints and tricks. We will also delve into managing the expectations of bosses and colleagues and not become overwhelmed by the challenging task ahead.


Ulf Jarnerö has been a consultant since year 2000. During the years he has dealt with several legacy systems in a wide variety of programming languages and application domains. Seeing for real that the same problems exist in all industries he has developed a keen interest in how to deal with these “old bettys”.

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