Wednesday 03 Jun 17:30

What we learned creating two Apple Watch apps

CocoaHeads Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate


17:30 We begin with meet and greet

17:45 What we learned creating two Apple Watch apps

The presentation will start with an overview of our thinking process and what we learned when translating the design for the iOS app to the Watch OS app.

The second part of the talk will discus concrete tips and techniques that we learned while writing the code for the WatchKit extensions.

Read about the Watch OS apps on

Speakers: Naim Cesur and Andreas Jönsson

Naim and Andreas have been doing iOS apps since 2008 and they both work at Perigee in Malmö.

Pizza and Beer break at 18.30-ish

After the break we have time for further discussions on our ideas about Watch OS programming and other things of interest. There is also an opportunity for lightning talks - If you have something you would like to share with fellow Cocoa developers that can make our coding lives easier it would be super great. It's a friendly audience and all tips and tricks are welcome. You can also use this time to ask the other attendees for advise on anything Cocoa related.

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