Thursday 16 Jul 17:30

Get together and share your experience

Leapfrogger's Forum


LEVEL: Intermediate


How has it been going the last couple of weeks? What were your successes (we'd love to applaud you on that!), what fails did you run into (we'd love to hear that and give each other some tips, too)?

The Leapfrogger's Forum is an event that occurs every two weeks from and for Leapfroggers and other interested people invested with the start-up scene and entrepreneurship.


To establish a creative forum to share experiences (positive and negative), possibly help and encourage each other and learn from

each other as well as mingle and listen to interesting speeches from savvy people (on topics that really matter for us).


From Leapfroggers for Leapfroggers and everyone who is interested. With topics that really matter for young start-up entrepreneurs in their early stages of development.

What to expect

Each Forum will have a topic that is pre-determined by the Leapfroggers before and will start with a speech by an expert on that particular subject (which can be anything from 'how to find the perfect brand name for my start-up' to 'negotiating with my first business angel about how much equity to give up'). This is followed by a Q&A session and then an open stage for everyone who would like to share their experience and a mingle in the end - of course there will be beer and snacks!

What to bring

Yourself, your teammates, a sharp mind filled with smart questions and maybe some experiences about your journey and what you want to share with your peers!

When and where

Every second week: July 16th, July 30th, August 13th, August 27th (starting time: 1600!)

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