Thursday 14 Mar 17:30

Code as a Crime Scene & Game Development

Lat55 meetup


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will start this evening with mingle and beer.

Agenda for this Lat55 evening

- "Code as a Crime Scene" presentation by Adam Petersen

- Discussion

- Break with Pizza and beer

- Game development and why you shouldn't do it (presentation in Swedish) by Martin Jonasson

- Discussion


First presentation; Code as a Crime Scene

Human intuition is unequaled when it comes to assessing the quality of a design. Intuition, however, is not without problems. It's prone to social and cognitive biases that are hard to avoid. Human expertise also suffers from a lack of scalability. As such, intuition rarely scales to encompass large software systems and we need a way to guide our expertise.

We need strategies to identify design issues, a way to find potential suspects indicative of code smells, team productivity bottlenecks, and complexity. Where do you find such strategies if not within the field of criminal psychology? Inspired by modern offender profiling methods, we'll develop a metaphor for identifying weak spots in our code. Just like we want to hunt down offenders in the real world, we need to find and correct offending code in our own designs.

Speaker; Adam Petersen

Adam is a post-graduate psychology student with a passion for software development. Combining degrees in engineering and psychology, Adam tries to unit these two worlds by making his technical solutions fit the human element.

In his day job as a software consultant Adam works as an architect and programmer. While he often gets paid to code in C++, C#, Java and Python, in his spare time, he's more likely to hack Lisp or Erlang. Other interests include modern history, music and martial arts.


After this interesting presentation will we have a discussion about Adam's talk. Adam will present this talk at ACCU Conference in April.

Second presentation; Spelutveckling och varför du inte ska hålla på med det.

En presentation om kreativitet, ekonomi och ganska mycket teknik.

Speaker; Martin Jonasson

Martin är en föredetta flashfrilansare, numera indiespelutvecklare som spenderat det senaste året instängd med sin laptop och ett spel om rymden.

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