Tuesday 15 Sep 17:30

AngularJS Application Debugging

AngularJS Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

A Walktrough in Debugging JavaScript and AngularJS Applications

We will begin with meet and greet at 17.30. The presentation starts at 17.45. There will be a break at 18.30-ish with something to eat and drink.


At Cenito we strive to create applications that both look good and function well in order to build the complete product experience. Like anyone we try things out, and those things doesn’t always pan out to be perfect at first. We make mistakes; but it is by learning from these mistakes and fixing them that we create reliable and secure applications with a wow-effect for our end user.

This seminar will focus on our workflow on a JavaScript and AngularJS application project. We will walk through, step by step, how we may debug and fix issues for these kinds of applications using tools available to every web developer.


Patrick Persson is a software developer at Cenito who spends many hours of his time developing AngularJS applications. He often turns to blogs or other developers to find new tools and sharpen his knowledge of software development. At Cenito he has the perfect ground for testing and experimenting with new ideas and code.

Richard Houltz is CEO and Creative Coach at Cenito who has many years of experience from building all kinds of applications. At Cenito he inspires and coaches the employees to become better developers, designers and testers.

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