Monday 31 Aug 17:30

Let’s improve our events together

Community Builders' Event


LEVEL: Intermediate

This is a special event for organizers of meet-up's, interest groups and user groups. Some of you have put on loads of events and some of you haven't done any events. We would like to welcome everybody to this event so that we can together share our experience in producing events and by doing so they will be better.


17.30-17.45 - Meet and greet

17.45-18.00 - Who's who at the event?

18.00-18.45 - A talk on true inclusion

How can discrimination be understood and prevented? What invisible rules and techniques create and perpetuate exclusion? Intersectionality has grown to become one of the foremost approaches for a deeper understanding of inequality. In this talk we will discuss what it teaches and how the approach can be used in order to create a working and learning environment of true inclusion.

18.45-19.15 - Break - with pizza and beer

19.15-19.30 - Tips and tricks - Foo Café experiences

19.30-20.00 - Discussions and probably more beer

About the presenters

Sara Alemir has extensive experience working and studying issues of inequality across various contexts in Sweden, Mexico and Ecuador. She has an MA in the Social Studies of Gender and is a member of the anti-racist organization Interfem. Her passion lies in connecting social activism and personal experiences with academic research geared towards social change.

Michael Tiberg is the founder of Foo Café

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