Thursday 17 Sep 08:00

Connecting with your target group

Breakfast seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

This presentation is all about how to attract the right people and the aspects you need to consider in order to attract them. These are:

– Content - you need to have an interesting content to attract people. We will explain how the mechanism works to attract the right ones.

– Timing - When the event take place determines who you want to attend. We’ll touch on timings.

– Marketing channels - How should you spread the word to be able to get the right people?


Michael Tiberg, CEO and Founder of Foo Café. By having done more than 800 events (seminars, workshops, courses and conferences), has Michael an extensive experience in this field.

And Yes, this a meta-event. If you work with these things at your company then sign up. Or pass it on to a colleague who works with these issues.

As always at Foo Café, it’s more than just a presentation. You’ll meet other people with the same interests as you, and share experiences - just as important as the presentation.

During this event we will be serving coffee/tea and a sandwich - on the house (of course).

Looking forward to seeing you

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